“...paradise on earth hides here in a bottle of Kibò Olive Oil ”
-review of Kibò olive oil by Avril Health Supermarket, 2009  


We are extremely proud of our oil, and we have reason to be. Kibò’s extra-virgin organic olive oil is a premium olive oil which has been awarded the highly-coveted denomination of ‘D.O.P. Val di Mazara’. To give an idea of the high quality that this represents in the area of olive oil, only 1.9% of Italian production comes under the label of D.O.P. or I.G.P. D.O.P. products are strictly regulated and cannot be counterfeited.

Once you've tasted Kibò Oil, you will never be satisfied with other oils. Several times we've even caught our competitors trying to buy or steal our oil from the press so they could use our oil (instead of their own oil) in the sample bottles they give to attract distributors and clients.

What makes Kibò Olive Oil so good? Perhaps it's the soil and sunshine, and the perfect Sicilian climate? Or perhaps it's our Sicilian pride and insistence on doing everything natural way, without shortcuts. All olive picking is done exclusively by hand to prevent olives from spoiling. We don't use pesticides or preservatives. We don't overplant. We do everything the natural way like our great grandfather did when he owned the farm. For more information about how the olives are picked, pressed, and bottled--and a list of the standards we adhere to—download the Kibò D.O.P. guide below.

CULTIVAR: We produce two types of olives: Nocellara del Belice and Biancolilla. Nocellara del Belice is the cultivar of choice in Valle del Belice. It is widely cultivated in western Sicily, in particular in the province of Trapani, and is the principal Sicilian Table cultivar. Biancolilla cultivar is widespread in the olive groves of the Provinces of Trapani, Agrigento, and Siracusa. These olives are destined exclusively for the production of olive oil. For more information, download the Technical Cultivar Information Sheet below.

ORGANOLEPTIC PROFILE: Our olives have a golden yellow color with warm shades of green. They have a medium fruity taste of olives picked at the right moment of maturity, slightly bitter and spicy, with a pleasant aroma of fresh herbs and wild fennel.

USES: Kibò Olive Oil is perfect on Greek-style salads and excellent for enhancing the flavor of potato soufflés and vegetable puddings. The oil has a remarkable vivacity and is excellent to enhance the flavor of any dish. But be warned: once you try Kibò Olive Oil, you'll find it hard to enjoy any imitations. We hear this all the time from visitors once they return home.

WHERE TO BUY: Kibò Olive Oil is currently sold in Italy, Germany, Austria, and Denmark. If you are interested in buying or selling Kibò Olive Oil, please contact Kibò directly via email.

Type of Bottles             Sizes
Marasca                       250 ml
Dorica                         100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml
Lattina (Tin)                 500 ml, 1000 ml, 5000 ml


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“Whether you are a connoisseur, amateur, or novice in oil, know that paradise on earth hides here in a bottle of Kibò Olive Oil”
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